"Simmons steals the heart through the ears of anyone who is listening"

Edinburgh Festival Guide, 2017

D3_Avi_Portrait Shot.jpg

"her singing voice is simply sublime"

The Wee Review, 2017



Avi is a singer-songwriter based in the Pilgrim's City of Canterbury. Combining acoustic guitar with delicate and powerful vocals, her performances create a uniquely intimate, emotionally charged and joyful atmosphere like no other.

Her first EP You Said ‘Live’ was released at The Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury, in April 201, and was produced by Neil Costello. Her latest EP, Hey Why, was released in June 2018, the first gig to take place in The Marlowe Kit Great Hall, Canterbury and was produced by Alastair Blackwood.

Avi is committed to telling stories. Her solo work pulls the listener into an inevitable journey, and it is no surprise that her emotive voice and poetic lyrics have also found a home in theatre.

Avi’s work in theatre includes writing/performing in A Heart At Sea, and performing as musician/clown in BOX CLEVER. Both shows ran month-long at The Edinburgh Festival in 2017 to 5-star reviews and award wins. As one of two performers in both, Avi expresses her passion for honesty and vulnerability in live performance. For more information on BOX CLEVER and A Heart At Sea please visit 'collaborations'.